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Yee-haw, partner!

Saddle up, and get ready for the hottest meme coin of the year – BEEF Coin.

BEEF has a major grassroots (some pun intended) movement behind it spreading the word on Twitter and Telegram, and crypto exchanges and media outlets are starting to take notice. You already know that when memecoins move, they move fast. We have some serious marketing power and a crack team behind BEEF Coin, or we wouldn’t be where we are today.

$BEEF x Bitmart

How to Buy $BEEF

There are already a ton of ways to buy $BEEF, and they’re super easy.

We’ll be showing you how to buy BEEF with Ethereum – if you don’t have any, you can buy some with a debit or credit card on Trust Wallet and receive it instantly.

Step 1

If you haven’t used it before, download the Trust Wallet app and follow the in-app instructions to set up your wallet and top it up with Ethereum (this will just take a few minutes).

Step 2

Go to the Swap section of the app.

Step 3

Search for BEEF (if it doesn’t pop up, choose Add Custom Token and copy and paste the contract address to find it. This is the contract address: 0x9dd5f5Dae94633760b3125a7490ecB4571d09a42

Step 4

Choose the amount of Ethereum you want to spend or the amount of BEEF you want to receive, and confirm the trade. The funds will appear in your Trust Wallet!

Trust Wallet


Got BEEF? You can get all the latest price and tokenomics information below at the following token tracking platforms:

EtherscanDEXToolsDEX ScreenerCoingeckoCoingeckoCoinMarketCap


BEEF’s tokenomics model is simple. We have a large supply, making individual tokens cheap to buy at the initial token sale, but unlike many tokens, there is a finite supply, and unlike MOST tokens, we burn our supply over time. This means the supply of BEEF is deflationary – BEEF will become rarer and rarer over time, becoming an increasingly scarce asset. This is taken right from the Bitcoin playbook, and the goal is to encourage the price to increase!

BEEF is a deflationary token that becomes scarcer over time. This is modeled after coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Wny do we destroy tokens and make BEEF scarcer? Why, to increase the price, of course! Yeeeee-haw! There’s no guarantee that burning will increase price, but tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen massive growth purely due to the deflationary tokenomics at play in their project, even before other utility was added.

100 B

Total Supply


Token Ticker


Buy & Sell Tax

Smart Contract

0x9dd5f5Dae94633760b3125a7490ecB4571d09a42 - Verify

Token Utility

BEEF is a community-driven token. The vast majority of BEEF supply sits in the liquidity pool where it can do what it does best, reward users in gains as the project begins to take flight.

As the time goes on, we will be funding token listings, project development, and, of course, community reward schemes using BEEF Coin.

Token Distribution

  • 75%DEX Liquidity PoolTeam Finance
  • 15% CEX Liquidity Pool
  • 10% Airdrop


They say BEEF makes you big and strong, and the BEEF Community is as rough and ready as you’d expect from a bunch of all-out cowboys!

Come say hi to the whole gang – you can find us on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and Coinmarketcap at the links below!

This is where we’ll be letting you know about special giveaways like airdrops as well as other announcements, so don’t miss out on your chance to win some free BEEF!



Here’s what we have planned down at the BEEF ranch so far.


  • Launch
  • Uniswap listing
  • 1000+ token holders
  • Discord community
  • CEX listings
  • 10,000+ holders
  • $BEEF Swap
  • Partnerships
  • Academy
  • Newsletter
  • 100,000+ holders
  • BEEF Merch
  • Tier 1 CEX listings
  • $BEEF Community
  • $BEEF NFTs for aidrops


For all press inquiries, contact us at yummy@beefmeme.com or the contact form below.

Contact us


Whoa there, cowboy! Make sure to do your own research when it comes to making crypto investments, and to be extra careful with your account security. The BEEF Coin team is not liable for any losses incurred by token price volatility, or a security breach on your end such as hackers accessing your personal wallet.

When you hold crypto, you’re responsible for the security of your funds, so don’t store passwords online where they can be hacked and make sure to keep your wallet details in a safe place!

BEEF is not available for trade on US centralized exchanges. Crypto assets are highly volatile and prices may fluctuate quickly. Information about this proejct listed on this website or other sources is intended for educational purposes only, and the details listed here and in the whitepaper are subject to change as the project grows and evolves. This is not investment advice.

Contact us through our contact form or via Telegram. If someone calls you or messages you saying they’re our Help Desk or Tech Support related to our project, this is likely a phishing attempt from someone trying to take your funds. We will only contact you through official sources listed on this site, and we will never ask for wallet seed phrases, email passwords, or wallet passwords.

Be sure that you’re downloading the correct version of a wallet (check the reviews) when downloading wallets from app stores, and make sure the URLs for crypto exchanges you’re visiting are correct and not a duplicate website.